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  INTERNET using Internet Explorer 

This course introduces you to the terminology of the Internet, and teaches you ways to browse the World Wide Web, search for information, sign up with a server and send/receive E-mail.  The software being used is and Internet Explorer.  

   2 hours $80

Table of Content
bulletWho Governs the Internet
bulletHow to Connect to Internet (ISP and DSL)
bulletUniform Resource Locators - URL
bulletAbout World Wide Web
bulletWeb Search Engine
bulletDesign your own Web Page
bulletWeb Hosting- FTP
bulletSend and Receive E-Mail
bulletCreate new E-mail address (Yahoo or Hotmail)
bulletE-Mail Attachment and Create Address Book
bulletInstant Message Chat

國際網路 ( Internet)

本課程教授國際網路應該知道的專用名詞、如何運用網路服務公司上網、如何運用各種方法在全球資訊上網找資料、及如何收發電子郵件。所用的軟體為 Internet Explorer

       ( 二小時 80 )